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If you've ever considered Home Schooling, your timing is perfect! Parents and students alike are fed up with the public school environment and the lack of learning there. Now, Home Schooling is accepted in every state and is much easier to initiate and better accepted by Colleges, companies, employers, military and others, than ever before. And it's getting better all the time.

We are the original and ONLY Home School online ARCHIVE and resource service created for providing you with the proper home schooling records for national use, organizing your home schooling efforts, and supplying all necessary forms and documentation to ensure your home schooling endeavors are proper, organized and legally acknowledged.
Welcome to the American Home Schools Experience
There are many free resources here you can use and they are identified under the Resources button in the menu.

This site includes resources
that are designed to make your home schooling efforts uncomplicated and easy to fulfill.

There are State Law listings and requirements
, books, videos, and even software that we suggest to help you in your efforts.

We also have areas for obtaining answers
to your general questions and concerns regarding home schooling. Included are online sources for contacting other home school families and groups dedicated to the same ideals and principles that you have.

In addition you have free access to standard blank forms and worksheets
you may use to create your own planners, activities, math problems, reading journal, daily and weekly schedules, and a host of other items to make your job easier and more organized.

If you wish to obtain a Diploma
our Certificates Of Completion are premium, parchment-style documents, dated and suitable for framing. They are nationally recognized as representing authentic education achievement for your student(s).

The use of our site allows you to
access and download all documents, charts, recording sheets, and other forms and reports that are on our site for your own use. These are constantly updated and every attempt is made to have them properly formatted for your specific State requirement.
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